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La asocio Solidareco Bona Volo

The organization SOLIDARECO BONA VOLO was founded by Alexis ASUMANI BENGANTUNDU in 2004. Affected by the death of his father at the age of 10, in 1964 by the rebels, Alexis ASUMANI BENGANTUNDU always said to himself "when I will be an adult and will have financial means, I must supervise the orphaned and destitute children ". This is how this opportunity presented itself to him, one night in 2004.

We do not run an association alone. Alexis ASUMANI, animated of humanitarian values, had interested in the young Alphonse WASEKA with whom they gave the objectives of SOLIDARECO BONA VOLO. It was after they called on Etienne Katchelewa, Augustin Kakozwa ...

How these members met ESPERANTO language, language that unites hearts, language of peace. Alexis, a state agent, was assigned in 2002 after the volcanic eruption in MUNYAGA, a town 60 km from Goma, a border town in Uganda. There he found another agent Hybert NTAWU who had learned Esperanto in Tanzania. Interested in this language, he had begun to learn it. And when he came home, he had spoken to all those who stayed at home, including Alphonse Waseka. The latter quickly became interested as well as other members of the neighborhood.

This is how the Esperanto club was formed, called GOMA ESPERANTO KLUBO. Since most Esperantists were Catholic Christians, IKUE / Grupo de GOMA was also established. GOMA ESPERANTO KLUBO had expanded and quickly recognized by UEA at the time of Renato Corsetti.

Some 40 orphaned, destitute and street children were already being supervised with their own means. Catholic Father Magnani DUILIO Esperantoist of Italy, interested in the club and the works of the Esperantists of Goma had some children sponsored by the faithful of Rimini. Also, he spoke of these Esperantists to Pope John Paul II.

To master the Esperanto language, Dutch Esperantoist Hans Bakker had $ 1000 available for a language training seminar. He had to send to the Esperantists of Goma Jean BOSCO MALANDA for this purpose. Afterwards, Goma Esperanto Club gave way to SOLIDARECO BONA VOLO in 2004, a non-profit Congolese law association.

The benefactors

  • Hans BAKKER
  • Jeannette Ans BAKKER
  • Father Duilio MAGNANI
  • Honorary members
    • Laurent VIGNAUD
    • Jean-Jacques REY