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SBV headquarter

The association that supervises orphaned and destitute children., ...
SOLIDARITE BONA VOLO is a Congolese law association based in Goma in the North Kivu province in the Eastern DRC
Goma is an eastern city of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is located on the North shore of Kivu lake, built on the bottom of Nyiragongo volcano (erupting) next to the Rwanda town of GISENYI (RUBAVU). Goma's recent history has been dominated by the 1994 Rwandan genocide, resulting in a massive influx of Rwandan HUTU Refugees into the city of GOMA. Goma also knew the beginnings of the 4 rebellions including AFDL which had brought KABILA the father in the power, the R.C.D which fought the same KABILA, CDMP of Laurent NKUNDA and M23. The volcanic eruption of 2002 still mourned the city of GOMA. Despite the peace found in the city, despite the pacification efforts initiated by the government and its partners, the conflits caused by the various wars in different cities around GOMA continue to cause deaths and displacements of the population of the city from interior of the province towards the city center which is Goma. Thus families which had fled inter communal conflits and repeated wars don'y want to return to thein villages; they live from precarious ness because they all abandoned during the flight and end up in the city where life is very difficult: they have no access to food, health, rents and even the education of their children like the others. The remain vulnerable, yet they have the right to life and dignity. All the above shows how many children are orphaned, abandoned and needy, raped girls. We say that Africa is going through a perennial political crisis, leading to wars and hostilities between communities, it offects many sectors of life such as: economy, agriculture, health, children education and environment, worst again the destruction of the social layer and the peaceful coexistence between populations.